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The Sugar Rush Site Click here for the Series 2 Archive
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The Sugar Rush Site - Saint and Kim

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The Sugar Rush Site

Last updated: 6 June 2007

Welcome to the Sugar Rush Site

6 June 2007 - Channel 4 repeats series 2
Despite choosing not to commission a third series of Sugar Rush, Channel 4 are to repeat the second series on Wednesday evenings, starting tonight at 11.35pm.

6 June 2007 - Sugar Rush misses out on BAFTA
Sugar Rush, as expected, did not win a TV BAFTA. However, the favourite for the category, Life on Mars, was also beaten. These two programmes, along with fellow nominee Shameless, were beaten by BBCs The Street.

11 April 2007 - Sugar Rush nominated for a BAFTA
The second series of Sugar Rush has been nominated for a BAFTA in the Best Drama Series category. The show has already won a Stonewall award for Broadcast of the Year, and an International Emmy for best Children and Young People's programme.

In spite of this however, the show has failed to be commissioned for a third series this summer, due to Channel 4 feeling the programme reached its conclusion, as well as their desire to reduce spending. The reception to the second series however, would indicate that there is some justification to the belief of those, who feel the show could go on.

The British Academy Television Awards ceremony will take place at the London Palladium on Sunday 20 May.

Links - British Academy Television Awards Nominations

16 March 2007 - Official: No Series Three
It has been officially confirmed by Channel Four that there will be no third series of Sugar Rush.

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21 December 2006 - Olivia Hallinan stars in Torchwood
Olivia Hallinan had a part in BBC Three's Torchwood on Sunday 17 December. She played aircraft passenger Emma, in what is likely to be a one episode-role.

The episode, entitled Out of Time, will be repeated on BBC Three on Friday 22 December at 9.00pm. BBC Three can be found on Freeview channel 7, Sky channel 115, and NTL:Telewest channel 106.

Click image to enlarge
Olivia Hallinan as Emma

13 December 2006 - New role for Olivia Hallinan
Olivia Hallinan, who plays Kim in Sugar Rush, is to have a part in television thriller Trial and Retribution XIV: Mirror Image.

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25 November 2006 - Sugar Rush wins International Emmy
Sugar Rush saw international acclaim on Monday night, as it beat off global competition to be awarded the International Emmy in the Children and Young People category.

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18 November 2006 - Sugar Rush wins at Stonewall awards
At the first Stonewall Awards held on 2 November, the second series of Sugar Rush was named as Broadcast of the year. This recognition from Stonewall, one of the UK's leading gay rights organisations, is a testament to the programme.

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18 November 2006 - Sugar Rush nominated for an International Emmy
Sugar Rush is one of a series of British nominations for the International Emmy Awards; up there with such shows as Little Britain and Life on Mars. The award ceremony, which takes place on Monday 20 November in New York City, rewards the best of non-US television.

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16 September 2006 - Sugar Rush Series 3
According to Channel 4's Sugar Rush Page, the show will be returning for a third series next year. The page simply says 'watch out for a new series next year'.

Link - Channel 4 Sugar Rush Page

16 September 2006 - Sweet
Julie Burchill, author of the Sugar Rush book, has confirmed she is writing a sequel called 'Sweet' and is already a third of the way through the book about Maria's life. In a move away from the narration of Kim in Sugar Rush, the new book is to be written in the first person - from Sugar's point of view, indicating possibly that Kim may not be (as) involved.

'Sweet' will be published by Macmillan in the next two years.

16 September 2006 - Wilderness
Lenora Crichlow's film, Wilderness, is available on DVD on 23 October 2006. A trailer for the film is available on the first link below. For more details please visit the site in the next few days.

Trailer (Click In Cinemas, Out Now, Wilderness for the trailer)
Michael Bassett, Director
Pre order on Amazon

16 September 2006 - The Sugar Rush Site's Forum
Although series 2 has finished, there is still plenty to talk about on the messageboard. New sections have been added, to talk about the cast's other work, as well a section for talk of Sugar Rush's (lack of) media coverage.

Link - The Sugar Rush Site's Forum

16 September 2006 - Sugar Rush series 2 DVD
The series 2 and series 1/2 boxset were released three weeks ago, and few reviews of it are to be found. Some messages from the IMDB forum are on older news entries on this site, however if anyone has bought the DVD and would like to write a review, please e-mail sugarrushsite@aol.com 

Link - Buy Page 

16 September 2006 - Channel 4 Drama Forum
The Channel 4 forum, has banned people under the age of 16 from posting on it. While we all understand the safety element, it does seem to be going over the top, especially as it is easy to get round. The Sugar Rush Site's Forum is the premier place of free Sugar Rush discussion, that will not delete threads for becoming too long, or going slightly off topic.

16 September 2006 - Series 2 Repeats
Series 2 is being repeated on Wednesday mornings on E4. For the latest schedule times, please visit the Schedule Page.

Link - Schedule Page

14 September 2006 - Marianne Faithfull
Singer Marianne Faithfull, who sang 'The Ballad of Lucy Jordan', a song memorably used in the final episode of last year's first series of Sugar Rush, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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8 September 2006 - Site E-mail
The Sugar Rush Site now has its own dedicated e-mail address, sugarrushsite@aol.com. This address can be used in regard to this site, as well as the messageboard.

8 September 2006 - Site Changes
I will be making some slight changes to the site in the next couple of days. This shouldn't be too important, but could mean that occasionally when browsing, a page might be in a bit of a mess!

22 August 2006 - New Messageboard Sections
As series two is over, and talk will now focus on other elements of Sugar Rush, I have added some new parts to the forum. Firstly, Munch Box is for discussion of Sugar Rush in the media, most notably not enough coverage! The other addition is that of The CC, for talk about any other projects the cast are in, like Lenora Crichlow's film 'Wilderness' (an update about that will be put on this site in the next couple of days).

The messageboard can be found here.

22 August 2006 - Sugar Rush Series 2 DVD
According to posts on IMDB, the extra features on the series 2 DVD are better than those for series 1. One poster said 'there are interviews, LOADS of deleted scenes, funny bits and outtakes'. They continued, 'really long interviews with Olivia (who plays Kim), Lenora (Sugar), Sara (Stella) and Richard (Nathan), talking about how they got the part, what they think of the show, characters' relationships, the clothing that they wear and the kissing scenes'.

However, one key member of the cast was left out. 'The interviews are good although Sarah-Jane Potts doesn't get interviewed at all, which is a shame since she's a pivotal character in series2. There's some interesting stuff on there though. The outtakes are funnier than the series 1 DVD, and it's interesting to see the deleted scenes and how they incorporated the stuff they cut out.' As many expected, the music has been changed again, 'it is REALLY annoying though that they've changed the music, although some of the new stuff is starting to feel like it fits. It also feels like they've added a lot of music to scenes that didn't need it'.

For info on buying the series 2 DVD, or the series 1 and 2 double set, visit the Buy Page.

22 August 2006 - Sugar Rush Series 2 Archive
As indicated in the banner at the top of all pages on the site, an archive of all the episode reviews for series 2 is now available at http://sugarrush.0catch.com/series2.htm. It does exactly as it's described!

20 August 2006 - Sugar Rush Series 2 on DVD
Tomorrow sees Sugar Rush series two released on DVD . Like series one, it is certified as an 18. Also released tomorrow is a series one and two boxset. For information on how to buy these products, please visit the Buy Page.

For more on this article, please visit the News Page.

20 August 2006 - Forum Update
As the end of the series has come, it is inevitable that some discussion won't focus on the show/book. A new section, called Munch Box, has been made for discussion of Sugar Rush in the media - so if you're frustrated by the lack of media attention the show gets, then tell everyone your opinions! 

Link - Munch Box.

Article edited: 22 August 2006

20 August 2006 - Julie Burchill, Author of the 'Sugar Rush' Book
Following e-mails with Julie Burchill herself, and the webmaster of an unofficial site dedicated to her, The Sugar Rush Site has got a mention on www.julieburchill.org.uk. I felt it was only fair to return the compliment, and add a link to the Links Page.

20 August 2006 - Series 2, Episode 10 Review
Decisions, decisions. The writers again chose to end a series of Sugar Rush on a cliffhanger. Although they were taking the safe route of leaving the options open on whether to make a third series, this ending does seem a lot more straightforward than the first; it is likely that any third series would start with Kim and Saint living together, with a variety of scenarios of the relationship between Kim and Sugar; kissing one minute, causing a fire the next.

Back to the episode, did Kim really need to take half the episode to tell Saint the truth? She could have just said at the time that she was unsure, however knowing Saint, it wouldn't have gone down too well. It's hard not to feel sorry for Kim, one minute she can't wait to leave home after waking her brother from his coffin, the next she feels morally bound to stay after hearing how Stella wants to be a good parent to all of her children. Although it's hard to see Stella's 'new responsible era' ever getting off the ground, would Kim really want to leave?

Let's be honest, it would be hilarious to see Sugar at a 'proper' college - that's probably why it's not happening! At least she's making a career for herself! As for Matt, it would be nice for him to have a half-proper storyline!

The end of the series also led to the use of two pieces of music synonymous with series one. 'In a Manner of Speaking', by Nouvelle Vague, was used, again, at poignant moment in the plot (it was used at the very end of the first series), also, The Faders' 'No Sleep Tonight', connected with the first scene of the first episode (Kim fantasising) was used again at the end of the second series.

Although Lenora Crichlow is in a low-profile film, none of the cast are heavily involved in any other projects. There has already been talk of a third series, and I personally think that 2007 will see a third series of Sugar Rush!

19 August 2006 - Site News
Partly due to computer problems, the review of Series 2, Episode 10 won't be up until tomorrow. Even though my PC hasn't turned itself on since Monday, I'm still having problems on Internet Explorer, so I am having to use Firefox.

Like I said, the review won't be ready until tomorrow, hopefully with some other news as well.

13 August 2006 - Series 2, Episode 9 Review
So, Sugar blew it! She's finally in a good, steady relationship that lasts for more than one night, and she blows it by dumping Mark! She had a good guy, who didn't care about her conviction, or what his parents thought, and she just let him go. She'll do well to find anyone else like him.

Saint and Kim's relationship, unlike that of Kim and Sugar in the first series, may not be as crucial to the series finale. While there is a lot to be discussed, most of the relationship has been already mentioned. However, things like the anniversary of Saint's mum's death, can always crop up, and put cloud over a relationship.

That's all for now, there will be a series finale preview (for those going at Channel 4 pace) posted on Wednesday or Thursday.

13 August 2006 - Series 2, Episode 8 Review
Apologies for the late review, I was on holiday and wanted to keep the site at Channel 4 pace!

Despite Nathan's attempts to get the family to spend quality time together, this episode was still top-notch! Nathan has really moved out of his shell in the second series, he even wore a pink top! Thinking about him in series one, it seems really hard to believe it?s the same character swinging in public (in lederhosen)! However, while trying to give Stella what she wants, they lowered Kim's opinion of her parents even further.

Could Sugar have finally found happiness? It was remarkable that she even got to the stage where she could tell Mark about her conviction, and it was nice for her to have met someone who wanted to help. Sugar seemed to be more important in this episode than many before, she was sorely missed while she was in prison. Although the life of Saint and Kim is interesting enough, there's just something about Sugar getting in the middle that makes it better to watch!

Finally, I doubt that most other families would get back to normal as quick as Kim's did following the swinging incident; however it's not really hard when you have people like Matt!

28 July 2006 - Series 2, Episode 7 Review
So, Kim did go to prison for the punch. Last week's episode didn't make it completely clear whether that punch was a 'dream' sequence, but at least Kim didn't have to stay inside. It was Saint who ensured Kim's release, and the relationship between the two blossomed - it was as if Kim was taking on the 'Sugar' role of dominating the relationship, while Saint, like Kim in series one, wanted to take it slow.

Surprisingly, Sugar's actual running of Saint's shop seemed to be going okay, as in she didn't actually lose business. Inevitably though, something was bound to go wrong, in the form of Dmitri getting the money from the cash register. This led to Kim and Saint surprisingly working together rather well, to Kim's obvious horror, and who could blame her - the very prospect of her girlfriend, her best friend and Dmitri - almost as bad as what she sees in the next episode!

Anyway, that whole section was well shot - the different squares on screen, and the overall manner resembled a much slicker style, like that of the BBC's Hustle. Overall they pulled it off, with Kim making a lucky escape.

Finally, I will be posting the review of episode 8 later than usual as I'm on holiday, leaving tomorrow and coming back a week later. In the meantime, visit the messageboard on this site, the only place for Sugar Rush discussion that will let you speak your mind, and won't delete your posts.

23 July 2006 - The Sugar Rush Site on Wikipedia
Without making this news article into a description of a description, The Sugar Rush Site now has its own entry on Wikipedia! It can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sugar_Rush_Site.

21 July 2006 - Series 2, Episode 6 Review
Well, the truth finally came out about Kim's series-ly drug-related mishap. Sugar and Saint's relationship worsened again, while Kim and Sugar's strangely became stronger.

Saint was obviously angered by Sugar's deceit, but who could blame her? Obviously not Kim, who admitted that she couldn't live without her; something the entire relationship couldn't function without, and what seemed to be missing from episodes when Sugar was in prison.

Meanwhile, Kim opened her heart to a therapist, not mentioning her drug mishap once. Stella and Nathan left it to Matt to provide the comedy, with another series-ly event occuring, Matt being a woman, although this time he wasn't mensturating!

Although the front cover of the DVD may give away the ending, it will still be interestering to see how the series ends.

Also, for details of when forthcoming episodes will be shown, visit the On TV Page, located at http://sugarrush.0catch.com/ontv.htm.

18 July 2006 - News Archive Created
Because I am having problems with writing new news items on the News Page, I have decided to create a News Archive with all the old entries, so I can continue to publish new entries in the site's existing style.

The News Page can be read at http://sugarrush.0catch.com/news.htm
The News Archive can be read at http://sugarrush.0catch.com/news2.htm

18 July 2006 - Sugar Rush DVD News
What started as finding on the free-to-edit online encyclopedia Wikipedia that Sugar Rush series 1 and 2 will be released as a boxset, turned into an online expedition into finding info on forthcoming DVDs. In this search, the picture for the front of the series 2 DVD has also been revealed.

Visit the News Page to Continue...

18 July 2006 - Olivia Hallinan Fansite
For those (all!) of us interested in Olivia Hallinan, there is a new fansite dedicated to her. It is located at http://www.oliviahallinanfan.net/, and was made by OliviaHallinanFannet from the forum on this site. http://www.oliviahallinanfan.net/ and http://sugarrush.0catch.com/ have both linked each other.


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